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Kevin Murphy's searing and devastatingly honest story, Surviving Cancer after Surviving Cancer, offers a unique perspective on this all too common phenomenon, when cancer (or any life-threatening illness or traumatic event) erodes the foundation of a once happy, thriving relationship. It offers the hard won wisdom of a husband who stood by his cancer stricken wife as she endured immense physical and emotional suffering, and beat the cancer that threatened her life and their unborn child, only to succumb to a painful divorce less than a decade later. Part memoir, part self-help primer, Surviving Cancer after Surviving Cancer is a wakeup call to couples and families whose lives have been decimated by disease. It seeks to bridge the emotional gap that too often isolates citizens of sickness from their spouses, families and friends. 

Kevin enjoys spending time with his beautiful daughters Elizabeth & Kathleen

"When I first heard from Kevin Murphy via email about his book, I told him he was not a normal lawyer. 

    I meant that as s compliment,

because from my perspective, lawyers are trained to think and not to feel. 

But as you will see, Kevin is willing to share his

painful experience and feelings, and the

lessons he learned from them.

Bernie S. Siegel,  M.D.

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“Without a humble, but reasonable, confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.” – Norman Vincent Peale


Kevin Murphy began his life in a rough New York City neighborhood that offered its kids few opportunities for anything but mischief. In an earnest attempt to stay on the straight and narrow, he took a job at 15 at an Italian deli in Queens. Always somewhat suspicious of the connecting building with the soaped-up windows, Kevin’s suspicions were confirmed one night when the owner of the deli asked him if he could work late. That night, Kevin gained entry into the mysterious building next door and saw the reason for all the secrecy.


And so it was, in a scene straight out of “The Sopranos,” that young Kevin Murphy began his employment working an underground gambling hall. An unorthodox after-school job for a high school sophomore, to be sure, but Kevin’s earnings often went to support his struggling family.


When ambition is coupled with hardship, it creates a powerful propellant to succeed. The first in his family to graduate college, Kevin taught middle and high school English for a few years before finding himself drawn to law, after successfully pleading his own case in traffic court at the age of 19.


It wasn’t easy, but Kevin recognized early on that anything worth having is worth fighting for. And fight he did, sometimes literally, putting himself through the Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University by working as a union truck driver for the New York Times – a job that often would take him in the dead of night through some of New York’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Every three weeks, for three years, Kevin would hop a $49 flight from Cincinnati to Newark, on the long-defunct People Express budget airline. From Newark, he would catch rides into New York, then spend the entire weekend delivering the “Gray Lady” throughout all five boroughs and New Jersey. When his money ran out in his final semester, an anonymous widow from Cincinnati paid his tuition with two conditions.  First, that he would have his best semester ever.  Then, when he became a success, and the years of struggle were just a memory, he would use his talent and good fortune to help others.


The years of hard work paid off. After graduating from law school in 1980, Kevin was offered a coveted position as a law clerk for a federal judge, and was later hired as an associate with two prestigious law firms – the first in Louisville, the latter in Cincinnati. In 1988, he struck out on his own and opened a highly successful litigation practice, which he would head for 18 years before joining a prominent Ohio law firm. A born litigator, Kevin has earned a reputation as one of the region’s top attorneys, and is regularly featured as one of the Best Lawyers in America.  He is now once again in his own practice—Murphy Landen Jones PLLC in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.


Kevin has been a former columnist for a community newspaper, ran for Congress in 2004, and wrote Surviving Cancer After Surviving Cancer, an award-winning book that has helped cancer families throughout the world.


Still, for all his professional and personal achievements, Kevin would, without hesitation, point to two that stand above all the others: his adult daughters, Elizabeth and Kathleen.  Through the grueling years spent building his law practice, and through devastating personal setbacks and tragedies, Kevin always took to heart the famous quote by Jackie Kennedy: “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.” And, indeed, these bright, beautiful, accomplished young women are testament to Kevin’s fierce determination that his own children would have a better start in life than he did.


But even as he worked to ensure that his own daughters would have every opportunity in life, Kevin never forgot the lessons of his own childhood -- that too many kids begin their lives at a disadvantage. Nor did he forget the promise he made to the anonymous patron who funded his final semester of law school. Whether it’s serving on boards of organizations that assist underserved children and families, helping inner-city kids find their own futures, or speaking at cancer fundraisers, Kevin has come full-circle.


To whom much is given, much is required.

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The trunk is a hand that represents the struggling individual reaching out for the love and support of a group they need to survive.

The hearts and leaves are a release of pain and fear from the hand.

The lower case "t" in the center of after is slightly extended to give the look of a cross adding a subtle divine touch. 

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