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Kevin Murphy's searing and devastatingly honest story, Surviving Cancer after Surviving Cancer, offers a unique perspective on this all too common phenomenon, when cancer (or any life-threatening illness or traumatic event) erodes the foundation of a once happy, thriving relationship. It offers the hard won wisdom of a husband who stood by his cancer stricken wife as she endured immense physical and emotional suffering, and beat the cancer that threatened her life and their unborn child, only to succumb to a painful divorce less than a decade later. Part memoir, part self-help primer, Surviving Cancer after Surviving Cancer is a wakeup call to couples and families whose lives have been decimated by disease. It seeks to bridge the emotional gap that too often isolates citizens of sickness from their spouses, families and friends. 

Kevin enjoys spending time with his beautiful daughters Elizabeth & Kathleen

The Creation of Our Logo

The font used for Thriving has an organic feel like a plant/vine representing growth. Symbolically the logo depicts a fruiting tree or flowering plant which

represents growth/thriving.

The trunk is a hand that represents the struggling individual reaching out for the love and support of a group they need to survive.

The hearts and leaves are a release of pain and fear from the hand.

The lower case "t" in the center of after is slightly extended to give the look of a cross adding a subtle divine touch. 

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