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"Kevin wrote this book to help couples cope with the emotional side of this dreaded disease called cancer. But men - take heed. Read this book and learn that when cancer comes to you, your wife, or a family member, it is ok to pray, weep, and most important of all, seek help from others. This book will make a difference in your life."

Dick Vitale, College Basketball Announcer

"I recommend this book not just to those suffering from cancer and their spouses, but also to my colleagues in the medical profession. As a physician who has interacted with cancer patients for close to 30 years, this book was an eye opener for me."

Robert Grober, M.D.

A must read for individuals and family members who are touched by cancer. It will be an eye opener for healthcare providers, such as nurses, doctors and allied professionals."

Jame Abraham, M.D.,

FACP Bonnie Wells Wilson Distinguished Professor and Eminent Scholar:

Chief, Section of Hematology-Oncology

Medical Director, Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center West Virginia University

"This is a wonderful,heartfelt book to help cancer patients understand the strong emotions that come with  this disease. As a chiropractor that has cared for many cancer patients over the years, I hope you read this story and stay connected to those you love."

Dr. Cathy Gratkowski, Chiropractor,

Florence Chiropractic Center

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