Those Three Words You Will Never Forget

Updated: Feb 10

You have cancer. You have Parkinson’s. You have Lupus. Maybe it was your wife or your child. If you have heard those words, or anything similar, my guess is you did not hear much of what the doctor said immediately afterwards. If you were like me, you went numb.

For me, reality hit when we walked down that hallway and saw the sign that said “Oncology.” I remember that day, vividly, because my knees went weak. How can this be happening to us?

Hello, my name is Kevin Murphy, and welcome to the blog, and podcast. I am the author of the book Surviving Cancer After Surviving Cancer, which you can find on Amazon or order from our store. As you all know, with disease, illness, or family trauma, we have doctors to treat them, and thank God we do. But to manage all of the stress and emotions of the family, who are suffering along with their loved ones, we need more than that. We need each other. And that is my focus—to help people deal with the emotional side of trauma, illness, or disease.

Thriving After Surviving - The Podcast will feature experts in the field of psychology, meditation, medicine, sexual assault—the gamut. You will learn about places you can go to seek help. They will give you insight into coping with the burdens you and your loved ones are enduring. It will also feature patients, survivors, and caregivers—to tell their stories.

We all have a story, and each and every one is important to share. From these stories, you will know you are not alone. I hope you enjoy this site and more importantly, the podcast. In addition, I would love to hear from you. My email address is

If you have an idea for a podcast subject or a comment about all of this, let me know.


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